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Big Deal
The bearded guy over there ( he's not an old hippie - he had the beard long before there ever was such an animal as a hippie ), anyway, he's the one who drew and painted all this art. He has been drawing since Hector was a pup. That's since, long before, his 5th grade teacher at Budlong Elementary School in Los Angeles, Mrs. Demming, used to encourage him by slapping him on the back of the hand with the edge of steel-edged ruler every time she saw him drawing. With this kind of progressive educational encouragement it's amazing he could ever draw anything.. But he got over that pathetic ignorance, and after failing algebra in college decided to take art courses, and found his niche in life, creating strange drawings. This was after a stint in the Marine Corps (still proud of that). Big Deal has raced offroad for many years and still holds the Baja Trans-peninsular speed record, set with his partner Don Ernst in Jan 1973 (time: 19:58) in a VW sedan. This was a world's record time, which still stands to this day. Oh yes, Dave is an accomplished pilot with 20 years of flying in Cessna 180 taildraggers, mainly in Baja and southwest USA, nearly 2000 hours pilot-in-command time. He is a Bushy Baja pilot.
Big deal created the Deal's Wheels line of models for Revell in the 1970s, This was a line of cartoon type plastic models with funny little hotrodders. Speaking of Hotrodders, Big Deal was a 50s California hotrodder for sure. Dorsey High School, the Witch Stand on Slauson & Overhill, Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, were his hangouts. Sportscar races on the weekends were a passion. Hung out with Von Dutch (Kenneth Howard). Actually he was one of the two shop "gophers" for "Dutch" and George Ashe and Walter Protciv the owners. He has owned many Porsches (even a factory racer ) - 550 spyder and once a Ferrari, always used.
MG Mitten was a company that advertised in Road & Track magazine, Car & Driver etc. Each month Dave would create those two page (double truck) ads, with automotive art and humor used to sell car covers and accessories. Armor All's little viking used for 25 years was another of his creations. He really got around. Dave, "Big Deal" Illustrated many covers and stories for Cartoons magazine. http://www.georgetrosley.com/cartoons.html The address is the web site dedicated to that magazine. Big Deal did 10 of the covers for Cartoons over the years, and many pages in the strips and stories inside the mag.
Big Deal even works in France for Super VW magazine (Jaky Morel). He loves France too. He evn speaks it a well enough to get along...far from perfect. Spanish is his second language. But everywhere he goes he draws cartoons. That is the big thing, at least as far as work is concerned.
Dave's latest work includes a major movie project for PIXAR, working with John Lasseter. Can't say much more than that at this time. John just recently announced the movie to be released in spring of 2005. Wait until you see this one! Guess what it's about.
Another side to his interests, at least for the past 20 years has been ancient history. I know that sounds rather dull to most, but this interest has produced several books on such diverse topics as the Mayan language and the Ark of Noah , the latter involves the event that killed he dinosaurs and Dave's discovery of the first city of civilization (post flood) and the ark's actual landing site in eastern Turkey adjacent to the Iranian border, where Dave has gone several times to survey the site and investigate along with the Atatürk University, Erzurum. http://www.noahsark-naxuan.com
Dave thinks he holds the speed record from Erzurum to the Iranian border, however it was not officially recorded at the time, and anyway, the car rental agency wouldn't like to hear of it.
Why the name BIG DEAL? That was his nickname in the Marines, and his old friend Norm Holtkamp the midget racer of the 1940s hung that moniker on him as well. So since it is appropriate relative to physical size and surname, why not? Even his Turkish geologist liaison at Atatürk University calls him "Big Deal." Why not?
Dave has a (first and only) wife, Velia, and a great son, Travis who is an architect and a couple of little granddaughters Audry and Gretchin. Audrey, at 2 years of age is a chip off the old block. Dave has a great bunch of nieces and some great nephews, one of whom did this site, Dave says, "Thanks Jared."  
Big Deal at work...

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